Tubney Woods Quarry, Near Oxford, published in Oxoniensia

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Many years of excavation at the sand quarry near Tubney Woods, Oxfordshire, have been published and the report will be appearing in this year’s volume of Oxoniensia, which should be out next month. Burials from Bronze Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon period were found there and some of these were reported on by Sharon Clough. Preservation of bone in the sand was poor, but of interest was a cremation burial with a piece of Gold sheet, possible ‘sun-disc’ (BAc.2450/2400–2200/2150 BC) and a very poorly preserved female, aged 18–25 year, and represented partly by a soil stain rather than solid bone. The individual had been decapitated and the head placed on the legs, just above the knees. The lower parts of both legs were missing below the knees and a left tibia, presumably from the same individual, had been placed near the left shoulder. Despite this truncation of the length of the individual, the grave had nevertheless been dug to a length of 2.1 m. A sample from the individual’s right femur produced a radiocarbon determination of AD 535–640.

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