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The Late Roman Cemetery at Lankhills Excavations 2000-2005 by Paul Booth, Andrew Simmonds, Angela Boyle, Sharon Clough, H E M Cool and Daniel Poore. Oxford Archaeology monograph 10


This is an (almost) exhaustive list of Sharon Clough’s reportage. It includes not only her human remains reports, but also archaeological site reports, coffin fittings and memorials

[keep scrolling down]. For a copy of the grey literature report please email . Although, please bear in mind these are specialist reports only, to access the full site report please contact the commissioning company.

Clough S, 2006 ‘Excavations at the Litten medieval cemetery, Newbury, Berkshire’- Journal of Church Archaeology Volume 10,   p105-8

Contributions in : Excavations in North-West Kent, 2005–2007 – One hundred thousand years of human activity in and around the Darent Valley. Oxford Archaeology Monograph no. 11. By Andrew Simmonds, Francis Wenban-Smith, Martin Bates, Kelly Powell, Dan Sykes, Rebecca Devaney, Daniel Stansbie and David Score

Contributor in : ‘‘These Boots Were Made For Walking’’: The Isotopic Analysis of a C4 Roman Inhumation from Gravesend, Kent, UK. 2011. A.M. Pollard, P. Ditchfield, J.S.O. McCullagh, T.G. Allen, M. Gibson, C. Boston, S. Clough, N. Marquez-Grant, and R.A. Nicholson. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 146:446–456

‘Contributor in : A Road Through the Past: Archaeological discoveries on the A2 Pepperhill to Cobham road-scheme in Kent’ by Tim Allen, Mike Donnelly, Alan Hardy, Chris Hayden and Kelly Powell. OA Monograph 16, Oxford Archaeology 2012

Contributing Co-Author in – ‘The Carlisle Millennium Project – Excavations in Carlisle 1998-2001 Volume 2: Finds’. Lancaster Imprints 15. By Christine Howard and contributions by ……Sharon Clough and Ann-Sofie Witkin. 2009. Oxford Archaeology North. p903 “The Human Skeletal Remains,  S Clough and A-S Witkin”  and Volume 3: DVD-ROM A12, 1451

Roisin McCarthy, Sharon Clough, Angela Boyle and Andrew Norton 2012. The Baptist Chapel burial ground, Littlemore, Oxford. Post Medieval Archaeology 46/2 p281-290

Simmonds, A, Anderson-Whymark, H, and Norton, A, 2011 Excavations at Tubney Wood Quarry, Oxfordshire, 2001-9, Oxoniensia 76, pp105-72 – Contributions by Paul Booth, Angela Boyle, Sharon Clough, John Cotter, Diana Mahoney, Nicholas Marquez-Grant, Alice Mora, Olaf Nehlich, Ruth Pelling, Ian Scott, Ruth Shaffrey, Colin Smith, Wendy Smith and Lena Strid.

Norton, A and Webb, H, 2009. The Medieval and Post-medieval Graveyard of St Peter-le-Bailey at Bonn Square, Oxford, Oxoniensia 74, pp137-179. Contributions by Ceridwen Boston, Paul Blinkhorn, Sharon Clough, Louise Loe, Julian Munby, Cynthia Poole, Ian Scott and Ruth Shaffrey.

NB – I did the graves and memorials report for the above publication, as well as the recording of the 18th-19th century skeletons (171 individuals).


Andrew Simmonds and Ken Welsh.  2013. The Iron Age and Roman landscape of Marston Vale, Bedfordshire : Investigations along the A421 Improvements, M1 Junction 13 to bedford . Oxford Archaeology.  Oxford Archaeology Monograph  19

I wrote the Human Remains report, Chapter 6 .

Horcott Quarry (also known as Horcott Pit), Fairford, Gloucestershire. Human remains chapter; Inhumations and cremations – in prep and edited by Angela Boyle – 78 skeletons and cremation burials from prehistoric to Romano-British and early Anglo-Saxon periods.

Brooklands, Milton Keynes, Chapter 3 – The Human Remains. Oxford Archaeology South.

Skeletal and Cremated bone Reports unpublished – ‘Grey Literature’

Unless noted otherwise, these are full analysis reports (Commissioning Archaeological Company is noted at the end)

St Clear’s to Red Roses road scheme, Carmarthenshire, Wales. SCR12 . Assessment of 62 Bronze Age cremation burials. April 2014. Report prepared for Cotswold ArchaeologyTregunnel Hill, Newquay, Cornwall. THI14.

Assessment of 6 Bronze Age cremation burials and 6 inhumations, 5 probably Bronze Age and one C14 dated to early Iron Age. June 2014. Report prepared for Cotswold Archaeology

Wormington to Sapperton Pipeline WSP07 4 inhumations and 2 cremation burials and incorporating WSP10 (report by Jonny Geber) Publication report. Report prepared for Cotswold Archaeology. October 2014

Moat Lane, Towcester, TOW13, 3 Roman inhumations and 3 burnt bone deposits analysis. Report prepared for Cotswold Archaeology. June 2014.

Sellar’s Farm, Hardwicke, Gloucestershire. SFH 12. Assessment of 1 inhumation burial undated. Report prepared for Cotswold Archaeology. July 2014.

Lovedean, Substation, Hampshire, SUB14. Analysis of 2 urned Bronze Age cremation burials. Report prepared for Cotswold Archaeology. August 2014.

Peter’s road, Lock’s Heath, Fareham, Hampshire, PLR14. Analysis of 7 middle Bronze Age cremation burials. Report prepared for Cotswold Archaeology. October 2014.

Caldecote Solar Farm, Cambridgeshire. CSPA14. Analysis of 1 Roman urned cremation burial. Report prepared for Cotswold Archaeology. October 2014.

Barnwood Road, Gloucester. BARP13. Analysis of 1 Roman cremation burial from a lead vessel  / urn. Report prepared for Cotswold Archaeology. December 2014.

Cornhall, Cirencester. CHC07. Analysis of disarticulated human bone from 4 post-Roman deposits. Report prepared for Cotswold Archaeology. November 2014

Rowden Park, Chippenham. ROW14. Analysis of 2 unurned cremation burials, undated but possibly Bronze Age. Report prepared for Cotswold Archaeology. December 2014

Homestead Farm, Northamptonshire. HOO14. Analysis of 2 burnt bone deposits, probably animal bone. Report prepared for Cotswold Archaeology. January 2015

Minchery Farm, Grenoble road, Littlemore, Oxford. OXGR14. Analysis of 91 inhumation burials from the cemetery and Church associated with Littlemore Nunnery (Benedictine) founded 1134-54, dissolved 1525. Report prepared for John Moore Heritage Services. May 2015.

27 Roman skeletons from Lincoln College, Lincoln, LICO11, Allen Archaeology

1 Anglo-Saxon Neonate skeleton from LIBI 11, Lincoln, Allen Archaeology

26 medieval Skeletons from Winchester Road, Andover, WRA 02, Rudyard Consultancy for Foundations Archaeology

30 Skeletons and Disarticulated Remains from medieval cemetery, Bull Hotel, Sonning, BHS 01,  Rudyard Consultancy for Foundations Archaeology

37 Skeletons, Disarticulated Remains and 28 Cremations from the Cambridge to Matching Green High Pressure Pipeline, CMG 01,  Rudyard Consultancy for Network Archaeology

56 Skeletons, Disarticulated Remains and 18 Cremations from the Roman cemetery at London Road, Gloucester, Rudyard Consultancy for  Foundations Archaeology and Gloucester Archaeological Unit

25 skeletons and 2 Cremations from BKL 02,  Rudyard Consultancy for Network Archaeology

Disarticulated human remains from Carlisle Millennium Project,  Oxford Archaeology South for Oxford Archaeology North

2 Roman individuals from Tubney Woods Quarry, Oxfordshire,  Oxford Archaeology South

Tubney Woods Quarry 2009, 2 cremation burials bronze age. Oxford Archaeology South

54 skeletons from the cemetery at Alton, St Lawrence primary school, Hampshire, Oxford Archaeology South.

4 Roman skeletons from Gill Mill 04&05, Ducklington Quarry, Oxfordshire, Oxford Archaeology South

1 Roman skeleton from Jericho, Oxford, Oxford Archaeology South

Assessment of all burials and in detail 50 Late Roman skeletons and 9 cremations Lankhills, Winchester,  Oxford Archaeology South

Gloucester, Llanthony Secunda Priory, 9 medieval skeletons,  Oxford Archaeology South

1 skeleton and 3 Bronze-age cremations from Stanground Peterborough, Oxford Archaeology South for Northampton Archaeology

1 skeleton Olney,  Oxford Archaeology South

3 cremations Westmoor Park, Oxford Archaeology South for Oxford Archaeology North

3 Romano-British burials and disarticulated material from Abingdon Gasworks,  Oxford Archaeology South

Assessment of 78 late Roman skeletons from Horcott Quarry, Fairford, for Oxford Archaeology South

85 prehistoric, early roman, late roman and early anglo-saxon Skeletons and 10 cremation burials from Horcott Quarry, Fairford. Oxford Archaeology South

18 Bronze Age cremations from Dartford Football club, Oxford Archaeology South

Ely EWF III 99. 1 cremation burial possible R-B. Oxford Archaeology South for Northampton Archaeology.

Assessment of 26 Late Roman skeletons, 5 Bronze Age and 1 Iron Age , plus cremations from Cotswold Community, Gloucestershire, Oxford Archaeology South

Whitefriars, Canterbury. Assessment of 82 multi-period skeletons. Oxford Archaeology South for Canterbury Archaeological Trust.

A2 widening- Cobham to Pepperhill 7 R-B inhumations, 4 IA inhumations and 1 cremation deposit from site L. Oxford Archaeology South

St Martin’s Field New Romney, Kent. 38 skeletons 13th-16th century, Oxford Archaeology South for Canterbury Archaeological Trust.

Hemingford Grey, St Ives, Cambridgeshire. Report prepared jointly with Louise Loe, 16 skeletons from a late 17th- early 18th century Quaker burial ground. Oxford Archaeology South

Princesshay, Exeter. Assessment of 70 skeletons and disarticulated bone from 13th-16th century. Oxford Archaeology South, Report prepared jointly with Nicholas Marquez-Grant for Exeter Archaeology.

Lankhills, Winchester – the human remains analysis of 283 skeletal remains from the Late Romano-British cemetery. Oxford Archaeology South

St Hilda’s, Coronation Street, South shields. 87 subadults from this 19th century burial ground. Oxford Archaeology South for Oxford Archaeology North

Slade End Farm, Wallingford 1 skeleton. Oxford Archaeology South.

Gloucester, Security of supply Pipeline, 4 adults IA, 5 neonates RB and 2 cremation burials assessment report. Oxford Archaeology South.

A421 Junction M1 to Bedford. Human remains chapter 6. Oxford Archaeology South.

Pinden Quarry assessment on 16 cremation burials possibly bronze age. Oxford Archaeology South

M25 widening. 2 cremation burials assessment. Oxford Archaeology South

Dagenham, Beam Washlands. Assessment of 14 R-B cremation burials. Oxford Archaeology South.

Cirencester, Kingshill North, assessment of 1 R-B  cremation burial. Oxford Archaeology South.

Cassington West Quarry, 6 cremation burials late B-A and cremation related deposits. Oxford Archaeology South.

Brooklands, Milton Keynes, Chapter 3 Human remains. Oxford Archaeology South.

All Saints Church, High Wycombe, Bucks,  disarticulated human remains, 2010 Oxford Archaeology South.

Conference presentations and posters

Modified bone from Gill Mill Romano-British site. A human frontal bone with a peri-mortem hole (probably drilled from interior), also exhibiting additional modifications. Poster at BABAO 2006

This bone has now reached the assessment stage as a part of a much larger examination of the entire quarry site. Please see Booth, P. and Simmonds, A. 2011: Gill Mill, Ducklington and South Leigh, Oxfordshire. Post-excavation assessment and project design. Oxford Archaeology

New evidence from the late Roman cemetery, Lankhills, Winchester. Podium presentation at BABAO 2008.

Archaeological Excavation reports

The ‘Litten’ Newbury Post-excavation assessment and updated project design, Oxford Archaeology, November 2005

Excavations at the Litten Medieval cemetery Newbury, West Berkshire, Archaeological excavation report,  Oxford Archaeology, August 2006

St Lawrence Primary School Archaeological assessment and updated project design, Oxford Archaeology, December 2005

St Lawrence Primary School, Alton, excavation report, Oxford Archaeology July 2006

Highworth cemetery archaeological watching brief, Oxford Archaeology, December 2005

Kingston road, Jericho archaeological watching brief report, Oxford Archaeology, May 2006

St Thomas of Canterbury Church, Goring on Thames, Oxfordshire, watching Brief report Oxford Archaeology 2008

McCarthy, Roisin and Clough, Sharon and Norton, Andrew and Blinkhorn, Paul Excavations at the Baptist Chapel Burial Ground, Littlemore, Oxford. Oxford Archaeology

Coffin fitting reports

Redearth, Darwen, Lancashire, – Primitive Methodists

St Lawrence Primary School, Alton, Berkshire – Church of England

Littlemore Baptist Chapel, Oxford – Baptist

Hemingford Grey, St Ives, Cambridge – Quaker burial ground

(All commissioned by Oxford Archaeology)

Memorial reports

Bonn Square, Oxford

St Peter’s, Wolvercote, Oxford

St Thomas, Goring, Oxfordshire

Littlemore Baptist Chapel, Oxford

(All commissioned by Oxford Archaeology)

Time Team 5 mins of Fame!  2005 

Oliver’s Meadow, Northamptonshire