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Although it is very nice to receive emails from keen archaeologists and osteologists looking for work, and it shows a certain initiative of their behalf. I am unfortunately unable to accommodate help, paid or unpaid. Human osteology is a flooded market, there is an abundance of newly graduated Masters students willing to work for a small pittance. In addition, with the down turn in field work generally across the country due to the slow down of the construction industry, the infrequent find of human remains has become even smaller.

I am keen to pass on my years of experience and should I be in a position to do so then I will duly advertise the fact.

My advice to those set on a career in osteology is to either get a Phd (academia is guaranteed work) or get digging, there is no substitute for a healthy quantity of field experience. It also places you in the best position should an opportunity appear within that unit. Keep an eye on for all archaeological and osteological jobs.


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I’m an Osteoarchaeologist and mum to 3 young girls. Archaeology is my passion and my life. I have a wonderful partner, Steve Leech, who works as a project officer in commercial field archaeology. When we get a spare minute, you’ll find us all down the allotment growing veggies.

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