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Fantastic new book out – “Disease in London, 1st-19th centuries, an illustrated guide to diagnosis” by Don Walker, MOLA.

It is a reference guide to pathologies using excellent photographs and good descriptions and all the examples come from the Museum of London Human remains collection. There is a useful diagram of the completeness of the skeleton next to the photo of the pathology. The site details and skeletal age and sex are neatly provided in a table form.

It is a timely publication of British pathology, with several examples of each major disease. My only requirement, most likely beyond the scope of this publication, would be to see expressions of disease from minor to major in gradiations. Otherwise, despite the dubious front cover image, I will use this book as a reference for my work and I can link to the online database of the sites for further statistical data.

A bargain at £28 ! (and no I’m not on commission), when compared with the Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Palaeopathology.

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