Cremated bone and BABAO

I was going to write a review of the BABAO conference at Sheffield in September 2015. However, time seems to have slipped away. BABAO do now have five new committee members, and I'm looking forward to working with them.           I've been busy working away on a cremated bone project, and [...]

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BABAO conference 2015

I'm very much looking forward to the BABAO conference at Sheffield University this September. After spending a year in Sheffield for my Masters course I am very fond of the city, so I'm looking forward to reminiscing about the 'good old days'. I will update this blog with some of the highlights, but for further [...]

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Human remains in commercial archaeology: Legal, Ethical and curatorial considerations

I attended the Historic England day event which discussed the latest legal aspects of exhuming archaeological human remains and the ethical considerations necessary when planning a project. There was also a talk on the problem of archiving human remains. It was a very informative day and well attended. It is always reassuring to hear from [...]

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CIfA conference, Cardiff

I went to the Chartered Institute for Archaeology's annual conference in Cardiff last week. It was a well attended event in a nice venue. Although there were no bone talks, there were plenty of other interesting topics. I was particularly interested in the 'capacity building' session. Are there going to be enough archaeologists for the [...]

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New look website

I've updated the old website to this new look. However, it is still a work in progress, so please be patient. I also now tweet my discoveries, musing and other osteology/archaeology related stuff @archaeobonegirl    

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Introducing archaeology to primary school children

This week Sharon and Ceri Boston (former colleague) spent the morning with Year 3 children at a local primary school introducing them to archaeology. They took along a selection of finds and some human and animal bone. The children were surprisingly well-informed (the wonders of television - 'Horrible Histories' has a lot to answer for) [...]

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Professional Associations – Institute for Archaeologists

I have recently gained MIFA (Member) status with the Institute for Archaeologists. This is the highest grade attainable, for more information visit their website I hope this will provide reassurance for clients as to the standards and practice which I follow when completing work. It is also an indication of my level of knowledge [...]

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Introduction to the study of human bones in archaeology course

"An Introduction to the Study of Human Bones in Archaeology" weekend course at Oxford University Department of Continuing Education (OUDCE).   Last weekend this course ran at the OUDCE, over subscribed it has proved each time to be very popular. Currently the OUDCE only offers it every two years. Myself and Ceri Boston were the [...]

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Disease in London 1st-19th centuries

Fantastic new book out - "Disease in London, 1st-19th centuries, an illustrated guide to diagnosis" by Don Walker, MOLA. It is a reference guide to pathologies using excellent photographs and good descriptions and all the examples come from the Museum of London Human remains collection. There is a useful diagram of the completeness of the [...]

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Destructive Sampling

Just out are the guidelines for destructive sampling snappily entitled 'Science and the dead'.   "Scientific analyses involving destruction of parts of bones and teeth from human remains are becoming increasingly widely used in archaeology. The more important techniques include radiocarbon dating; carbon and nitrogen stable isotope studies for shedding light on ancient diets; strontium [...]

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