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I'm an Osteoarchaeologist and mum to 3 young girls. Archaeology is my passion and my life. I have a wonderful partner, Steve Leech, who works as a project officer in commercial field archaeology. When we get a spare minute, you'll find us all down the allotment growing veggies.

Identifying bones

The work of volunteers at Nesley Farm, Beverstone near Tetbury on the excavation of a Roman building and associated features resulted in the recovery of bone. As human bone had been found before, the Farm owners were keen to ensure that this years excavation hadn't accidentally recovered any more. ABC were able to help identify [...]

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‘These boots were made for walking’

I love the title given to the article just published in AJPA (American Journal of Physical Anthropology) which is based on a small assemblage I analysed. The A2 road widening scheme, (fondly remembered by those of us who dug there for the snow and wind!) site L, had some late Roman and Iron age skeletons. [...]

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New Services

Archaeological Burials Company is pleased to announce the following new services: -Aerial photograph examination and research at the NMR, Swindon. ABC is located in very close proximity to this excellent resource for DBAs and EIAs and can save time and project costs in travel and staffing by visiting the NMR on your behalf. -Archival Research. [...]

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Human remains in England Licencing update

Ministry of Justice after consideration  has determined that the 1857 Act allows more flexibility over reburial of excavated human remains than was thought in 2007. 'It is therefore prepared to grant licences without a reburial condition where appropriate arrangements are made for the long-term retention of the remains for research and display in a museum [...]

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