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I'm an Osteoarchaeologist and mum to 3 young girls. Archaeology is my passion and my life. I have a wonderful partner, Steve Leech, who works as a project officer in commercial field archaeology. When we get a spare minute, you'll find us all down the allotment growing veggies.

Being referenced

If there is one thing that really makes my day it is when I pick up a book to find not only am I referenced in it, but my drawing from the field has been used as an illustration! Newly published "A Fine and Private Place" by Annia Cherryson, Zoe Crossland and Sarah Tarlow of [...]

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BABAO conference 2012, Bournemouth

I have finally recovered from the fantastic weekend long conference of the British Association of Biological Anthropologist and Osteoarchaeologists (BABAO) annual conference held this year at Bournemouth University. The talks every year get better as do the posters (I remember when you cut and pasted with real glue on A3 paper!). Slightly disappointed by the [...]

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A2 Road scheme publication

Latest publication from Oxford Archaeology "A Road through the past: Archaeological discoveries on the A2 Pepperhill to Cobham road-scheme in Kent". As a contributor I have a copy and what a doorstop of a publication it is! I am very impressed with the graphics, superb and professional. Having seen other publications recently, I [...]

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New book out “The Roman Cemeteries and suburbs of Winchester”

Fantastic new book out "The Roman cemeteries and suburbs of Winchester Excavations 1971-86 by PJ Ottaway, KE Qualmann, H Rees and GD Scobie. It publishes the results of excavations by Winchester Museums and brings together all the cemetery data for the Roman period in Winchester. Of course the best part is the frequent mention and reference to my [...]

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Introduction to Human Bone Course

Oxford University Department for Continuing Education - Day and Weekend events Once again myself and Ceri Boston will be giving a course on human skeletal remains from archaeological sites. It is an introductory course aimed at those with little to no knowledge of human remains. Previously it has been very popular and numbers are limited [...]

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Day of Archaeology I love this way of communicating what we actually do as archaeologists. It is a great snapshot of a-day-in-the-life-of.... It is good to hear what other freelancers do and all about the mundane side of our work, as it is not all digging up interesting stuff!  

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MOJ Licence forms

New Ministry of Justice forms issued for removal of human remains from archaeological sites. If anyone needs a copy please email me and I'll pass them on. The major difference is that you no longer have to inform environmental health officers for normal archaeological remains. I imagine there will be a few disappointed  council employees [...]

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Ethnicity and death in Late Roman Winchester

This month's issue of Current Archaeology has an article about the Late Roman cemetery, Lankhills, in Winchester. This is an inhumation assemblage I studied and wrote the chapter in the publication that came out last year. -  for the full article you'll just have to buy a copy!  

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No room at the Inn

Although it is very nice to receive emails from keen archaeologists and osteologists looking for work, and it shows a certain initiative of their behalf. I am unfortunately unable to accommodate help, paid or unpaid. Human osteology is a flooded market, there is an abundance of newly graduated Masters students willing to work for a [...]

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Tubney Woods Quarry, Near Oxford, published in Oxoniensia

Many years of excavation at the sand quarry near Tubney Woods, Oxfordshire, have been published and the report will be appearing in this year's volume of Oxoniensia, which should be out next month. Burials from Bronze Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon period were found there and some of these were reported on by Sharon Clough. Preservation [...]

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